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2009 WGI D6

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Top of the line offering from this company it is a fixed 6 MP dual flash camera. The red flash is delivered by 26 IR emitters and the white flash is put out by a selectable big strobe. The WGI cam comes in solid flat black and the Remington comes in a camo front that has a super neat look. The PIR sensor and camera lens are behind some hoot owl eye looking raised areas which makes the camera the appearance that it is looking at you. The 8X 10X 3 inch case has a flat black back and no strap loops. There are just bungee loops at each corner of the case. The strobe flash is at the top and the IR flash is just under that. Double latches close the case that has a full weather gasket. Some very small printed labels inside the door can give programming instructions provided your bi-focal’s will read that small. The inside front of the camera has the PIR/camera/flashes which look out through the door when closed. Just under that is the function lamps and aiming laser (nice touch) Centered is the large KCD and below is the programming toggle. The power switch to the camera and another to the laser are beside the programming toggle. The SD card slot is at the bottom and USB port beside it. The batteries (4 D cells) fit into two holes on each side with positive side down. Even though this is not a small camera, it does have a good camouflage color and should hide on a tree pretty good. Security is non existing and will have to be owner developed if necessary.

Programming is very easy and the instructions are easy to follow. Power the cam on and the LCD will show a small area at the left with a flashing curser. Use the up down button to move the curser up or down to the desired programming area then use the right left to enter that area. The OK button is the enter button to move you to the next selection. It is very strait forward and easy to do. Hit the reset button to return to factory settings when you choose to do that. There is 32 MB of internal memory and will accept up to a 2 gig external SD card. Delay settings are 30 seconds,1 min, 2min , and 5 minutes. I sure wish the resolution was selectable instead of being a fixed 6 MP. Though it is not mentioned I just found that there is an external battery port on the back of the camera. That is good news but there is also bad news associated with this, it is a dummy and not hooked up because they were looking to the future and the next addition will have that as a feature. This year they just installed the jack to plug the hole in the case. One extra feature is the “location” tab in the menu. This allows the user to write their choice of words in this space (up to 8 letters/numbers). This is an aid to the users who pull the cards and view them later once back to the home PC. This is a nice feature that is found on more expensive cameras. The LCD also will display picture count and event count. The difference in these two measurements is the events keep on counting the PIR activity during the delay period. The separate switch to enable the laser aim has a definite place on trail cameras. We see many pictures where the flash is out of whack with the target area. This laser has some cautions associated with its use and be sure not to look into its light because it can cause eye damage, also do not aim it at pets or animals because it can damage their eyes also. You get temperature, date, time and location stamped on each picture. This company has gone the modern route when it comes to firmware updates. The current version is printed inside the door and when you visit their website you can double check what is current for that cam and if there is an update it can be downloaded. We have to get this cam to the test bench and then get the flash/sensing done so we can begin to collect pictures and videos. Video size is 320X240 and is also fixed.
08-08-2009 update:  Hit the test table and the trigger time came in at 1.5 seconds with out flash and 2.0 with white flash. The flash range is out past 50 feet for both red and white flashes. Everything so far appears that this camera is working pretty good with the exception of the file size on the night pictures. They are only three MP where the day pictures are six MP. The camera specifications call it as being a fixed 6 MP but we find that night shots are at 3 MP. We have a few sample pictures and so far they are clear and readable for the white flash night pictures., We have yet to get any good day pictures.

08-15-2009 update:  We took another bag of our hard to pay for corn and strung it out so we could capture a few quick pictures. The camera did a respectable job but the clarity did not come up to the 6 MP rating as far as picture clarity. They seemed a little fuzzy both day night pictures and instead of having whiteout problems this camera had readable dark color pictures during the transition. Price wise and function still makes this camera a value compared to some of the competition. More detailed work is still planned as space allows us to do so.

08-22-2009 update:  Another few days of gathering pictures. We feel the day time color pictures (6MP) are very good but the (3MP) night pictures are coming out a bit fuzzy. All functions have worked and no failures so far. This is a pretty decent camera if you are in line with a bi-flash camera under $100.

08-26-2009 update:  We have been experiencing an issue with the batteries and this camera. For the second time we had a pre mature failure due to batteries, but when tested the batteries did not show they were dead. We suspected that maybe the battery holder shoulders (pos. end) may be the problem and I will get to work on that today. This is the second cam that has shown us this issue, We have had all other functions work great and replacing with new cells did not clear the problem. We are getting less than a week of operation before we experience this problem.

08-26-2009 update#2:  Pulled the camera into the lab and started through it and the first thing I discovered was the batteries were far from being dead. I checked all connections and everything was in place. When the on button was pushed the camera LCD would flash a couple of times and then go out. I pulled it down and did a quick hookup for external battery and hooked it to a 14 Ahr SLA battery and it woke up and started to pay attention. Some how there is just not enough umph in the 4 D cells to last much more than a couple days. This is hard to diagnose as to exactly why it requires the extra power to work. I am going to run it for a few days and see how it does with the external battery. This is a nice camera and I hope we can get it to function and also find some answers.


Trigger Time
without flash - around 1.5 seconds

with white flash - around 2 seconds

with infrared flash - around 1.5 seconds


Flash Range

Sample White Flash Photos (3mp at night)
Sample Infrared Flash Photos (3mp at night)
Movies Samples


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