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2013 Moultrie M990i


2013 Moultrie M990i black flash digital camera Test

This camera is the same size and "look" as this years M880 with the exception that it is black flash and the camo has more of a grey color similar to the oak trees around here.  Gaining popularity in the forums we felt like we needed to squeeze this camera in.  The constant rain has held back our timely testing but we are pushing through.

The camera runs on 8 AA batteries that reside in a pullout drawer, nothing new here. The setup is intuitive and menu driven on its color screen, so simple you do not need the book.

Sensing range tests revealed triggers at 50 feet for 42 degrees temperatures.


03-17-2013 update: With respect to the video function, it is necessary to tilt the camera forward (aimed down) because of the cropping done on the images as it is captured by the camera.  As you can see our samples were taken using the same mount as in photo but the foreground is lost in video mode.

03-28-2013 update: I just received firmware updates for this camera and applied them.  Two things that I know of were corrected and that was the filter click changed from every night shot to just twice a day at transitions.  Also corrected was the zoom effect on the video.  Both are nice updates that indicate the company is listening to its customers.  The update will become available for download from Moultrie site in the near future. If I get a link I will post it here.

06-02-2013 update: The batteries are finally dead on this camera and it captured a total of 1137 photos and 353 video clips over a period of 10 weeks.  This review is closed.



Trigger Tests
(without flash 0.95s)

(with flash 0.98s)

Video Trigger Test (tested in HD)


Dead Pixel Test


Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate


10MP (enhanced) Photo samples

10MP (enhanced) Photo samples

Sample videos
(click to play)

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Sample videos after applying firware upodate VGA mode
(click to play)

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