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By BobCar
I have a Moultrie Digital 100 that a friend gave me and I have never used. I have been having someone trespass around a cabin. So, I set the camera up inside a sliding glass door in the cabin hoping to catch a picture of the criminal. But, I am wondering will the camera trigger on an object outside?

Anyone used their camera in a similar situation with success?
By BobCar
That's what I was afraid of, but I thought infrared may go through the glass?

If it absolutely won't work inside, then is there a recommended enclosure to keep a camera from getting stolen?
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By tomp
There are security boxes available.
By BobCar
I plan on testing if it will work or not tomorrow by walking in front of it and seeing if it flashes. I just set it up this afternoon and left it.

If it won't work then I plan on looking at alternatives like a pinhole camera. And I am wondering if a regular digital camera can be set up to trigger on motion (through glass)?
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By tomp
PIR sensor will not work through glass. A PIR sensor requires both "temperature differential" and it must move within the PIR's view angle. When placed behind glass. It will only see the radiating patterns from the glass and not anything past the glass, therefore it will not work as expected.
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By Pic-N-Stick
It should see the heat REFLECTION! When using a thermal imager at work (I am a firefighter) glass and mirrors actually will show your heat signature bouncing off the glass. Don't know if this reflection is enough to set off the camera. I may give it a try!
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By tomp
regular glass is not very transparent to infrared energy- this is the basic principle behind a Greenhouse Garden. It is possible that a Thermal Imager, being a higher technological advanced device, can compensate for the glass and is not probable that a cheap chinese made game camera is able to. However, it is worth testing to prove this theory incorrect;)
By BobCar
I got around to testing it yesterday and sure enough it didn't trigger when I passed in front of it while it was behind the glass. To make sure the flash and camera were working I took a few hand held photos with the unit and it worked. I still need to set it up and see if it will trigger outside the glass.

I think I will go ahead and mount it outside when I figure out a way to secure it. There is a balcony above the spot the intruders have been coming in and I will place it there. I was thinking if I could replace the standard string mounting with some chain and lock it on a post on the balcony so it might be safe. I wonder if a bicycle chain would work? Since the case is made out of plastic a determined person could still get it, but maybe the surprise of the flash going off would make the criminals think twice?
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By cwensk
I would think that the flash would "washout" bouncing off the glas also, even if it would pick up movement thru glass.
Yep, I'd be happy to be wrong on this one! :mrgreen:

I'm thinking you and temp may misunderstood his post. He is not saying the PIR circuit will work through the window. He is saying that if you hold a thermal imager and point it at a window, you will see your own heat signature reflected off the glass. He is speculating that a PIR circuit may display a similar characteristic but at a much lower level than his thermal imager.

If his speculation is correct, and there sufficient reflection and sensitivity, you would trigger the camera by walking behind it in the house.
Jack, I don't think we misunderstood the question.

But just for sake of the discussion, the camera taking a picture when the intruder walks behind it would be good because....??? :wink: :mrgreen:


I wasn't suggesting it would be useful, and I don't think the firefighter (pic-N-Stick) was suggesting that either. I think he was just trying to explain why the PIR wouldn't work through glass by using his thermal imager to show the glass was IR reflective more than transmissive.

The reason I thought you misunderstood his post was because your response indicated you would be happy to be wrong when I thought his post supported the fact that you were right. Perhaps you were referring to something other than the Pic-N-Stick post. I wasn't suggesting you misunderstood the original question. Perhaps it was me that misunderstood.



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